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Desk Reference, 4th Edition-OLD EDITION

Desk Reference, 4th Edition-OLD EDITION

Quick Overview
The Art & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference, 4th Edition ...
ISBN: 978-1-881876-42-7
Number of pages: 845
Edition: 4th
Year published: 2017
Weight: 6.6000
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The Art & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference, 4th Edition is an educator's one-volume, go-to resource for the core knowledge and skills of individualizing and providing education and support to people with diabetes. This is a core resource for those who are studying for the Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE) exam.
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Table of Contents 
Section 1:   The Art Diabetes Self-Management Education
Chapter 1:   Diabetes Self-Management Education: The Art & Science of Disease Management 
Chapter 2:   The Diabetes Self-Management Education Process
Chapter 3:   Theoretical & Behavioral Approaches to the Self-Management of Health
Chapter 4:   Healthy Eating
Chapter 5:   Being Active
Chapter 6:   Taking Medication
Chapter 7:   Monitoring 
Chapter 8:   Problem Solving
Chapter 9:   Healthy Coping
Chapter 10: Reducing Risks
Chapter 11: Diabetes Education Program Management 
Chapter 12: Transitional Care
Section 2:   The Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education 
Chapter 13: Pathophysiology of the Metabolic Disorder 
Chapter 14: Type 1 Diabetes Throughout the Life Span 
Chapter 15: Type 2 Diabetes Throughout the Life Span
Chapter 16:  Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 17:  Exercise Prescription
Chapter 18:  Pharmacotherapy for Glucose Management
Chapter 19:  Pharmacotherapy: Dyslipidemia & Hypertension
Chapter 20:  Dietary Supplements for Diabetes: A Focus on Complementary Health Approaches
Chapter 21:  Complementary Health Approaches and Diabetes Care
Chapter 22:  Acute Hyperglycemia
Chapter 23: Chronic Complications & Comorbidities
Chapter 24: Pregnancy with Diabetes
Chapter 25: Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes
Chapter 26: Eye Disease Related to Diabetes 
Chapter 27: Diabetic Kidney Disease
Chapter 28: Diabetic Neuropathies  

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