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Continuous Quality Improvement for Diabetes Education and Support Programs, 3rd Edition

Continuous Quality Improvement for Diabetes Education and Support Programs, 3rd Edition

Quick Overview
Workbook format guides diabetes education & support program staff through the each step in CQI process. ...
ISBN: 978-1-881876-34-2
Number of pages: 92
Edition: 3rd
Year published: 2015
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Price: 39.95
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A must have for DSME&S program managers and staff!   CQI for Diabetes Education and Support Programs provides the context for CQI in DSME&S programs while stepping you through the process of selecting, implementing and evaluating an effective CQI project.  Case studies provide examples of projects relevant to DSME&S programs. Appendices include worksheets to use in your planning process, an easy-to-understand review of analytic tools and methods to incorporate into your project, and a quick comparison of the distinctions between a CQI process and a research process to keep your project focused and on track. 

Chapter 1: CQI and the United States Healthcare System
Evolution of the Quality Improvement Process
Quality Improvement and the United States Healthcare System
The Chronic Care Model
The Future of Health Care: The Triple Aim
Common Elements of CQI

Chapter 2: CQI and Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support
Health Status Outcomes and CQI: What’s the Difference?
Program and Patient Benefits of CQI

Chapter 3: The CQI Process
Before Beginning a CQI Project
Step 1: Identify the Problem or Opportunity
Step 2: Collect the Data
Step 3: Analyze the Data
Step 4: Identify Alternative Solutions
Step 5: Develop an Implementation Plan
Step 6: Implement the Plan
Step 7: Evaluate the Actions
Step 8: Maintain the Improvement
Making Your CQI Project Stick

Chapter 4: Case Studies
Case 1: Missing A1C Data
Case 2: Measuring Behavior Change
Case 3: Improving Turnaround Time
Case 4: Evaluating Behavior Change Across DSME Sites
Case 5: Follow-Up of High-Risk Patients

 Appendix I: The CQI Process and the Research Process

 Appendix II: Analytic Tools and Methods

 Appendix III: Application to Your Practice Worksheets




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